Customized Concepts for Estate & Long-Term Care Planning

Do not become a victim of a one size fits all plan. You’re an individual; your goals for your assets and your needs for care are individualized as well, so why let a generic strategy guide your future? Designing a strategy that provides you with a customized combination of safeguards for your assets, provides a roadmap for care and peace of mind for the future is critical. Check out this show to learn about the opportunity you have to create a powerful, effective plan that allows you to provide for you and your loved ones exactly as you wish. | Jul 09, 2016

Maintaining Your Independence

In honor of Independence Day host Lou Pierro and special guest Joe Jackson, joined forces as The Elder Law and Geriatric Care Militia that will free you from the tyranny of the health care system. This show will explore strategies and planning concepts that enable you to avoid the need for a nursing home, while protecting your assets and providing you with the ability to age in the comfort of your own house. This week you can discover how to provide your family with sound legal planning that will protect and control your assets as the need for care becomes a necessity." Learn how to maintain your independence in 2016. | Jul 02, 2016

Alternative Ways to Pay for Long Term Care

Many of us are familiar with traditional Long Term Care Insurance.  In fact, it remains the most cost effective, comprehensive solution for financing the possibility of an extended or chronic care event.  But, are you aware that there are other, newer solutions out there that you might benefit from?

In this program, Brian Johnson and Bob Vandy from NY LTC Brokers will share more information with Life Happens listeners about the options – the benefits, the drawbacks and how YOU can make the best decision on the best way to plan financially for the risk of Long Term Care.  | Jun 25, 2016

The Don'ts of Estate Planning

There are certain things you just don't ever want to do as you put your estate plan in place...  When it comes to the maze of estate planning sometimes simple, seemingly harmless decisions can lead to miles of unforeseen stress and anguish later in life, from frustrating time in the courtroom, to unnecessary cash coming right out of your pocket.  The good news is, there are ways to make sure that you don't fall into these tiresome and costly situations.  Tune in on Saturday June 18th at 11am to learn more about the don'ts of preparing and adjusting your estate plan...  If you want to learn the right things to do, don't miss this broadcast. | Jun 18, 2016

Medicaid Basics & Beyond

This Show discusses planning to care for a loved one, or yourself as you age and using Medicaid to Pay.

Medicaid is the only payor for long-term care, other than your money or private insurance; but it requires strict compliance with income and asset rules. Hosts Lou Pierro Esq., Aaron Connor Esq., and Frank Hemming, III, Esq. break it all down, and provide clear guidance on how to receive the best care while saving your hard-earned money. | Jun 11, 2016