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Strategies for Staying in Your Own Home

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Hosts: Lou Pierro with Guest, Katherine Rosenblatt

Do you know someone who’s lived in a nursing home?  Have you ever thought that it could be YOU?  Although no one “dreams” of spending their “Golden Years” in a nursing home, millions of people do.  Why?

For most, it’s because they can’t get or pay for the care they need at home. With careful planning, however, we can live life independently, in the comfort of our own home, with the people and things we love all around us.  Studies show that 70% of Americans age 65 and older will need Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) at some point in their lifetime, and on this episode of Life Happens Radio, your host Lou Pierro and guest, Katherine Rosenblatt, will show you the way to master your destiny as an aging American.  Tune in to learn the secrets of home care, including how to build a plan, put all the pieces in place and even pay for it while saving your hard-earned money.  Lou and Katherine are members of EverHome Care Advisors, a powerful new company giving seniors and people with disabilities in the Capital Region real solutions in real time, enabling you or your loved one to stay at home, and make your castle a health care fortress. 

 Katherine Rosenblatt, LMSW, is a member of the Aging Life Care Association (also known as Geriatric Care Managers), and founder of Capital District Elder Care.  As part of EverHome Care Advisors, she works closely with families to navigate the complex health and long-term care systems, providing a range of crisis and planning services including a comprehensive assessment of care needs and available resources, followed by a personalized care plan.  With the EverHome team Katherine identifies appropriate services, evaluates the possible need for alternative living options, and puts the action plan in place for an improved quality of life for you or your loved one while eliminating uncertainty and reducing stress.

 Lou Pierro has over 33 years of experience as an Elder Law attorney, and is an innovator in the elder care marketplace, having founded Pierro, Connor and Associates, LLC, Elder Counsel and EverHome Care Advisors.  Through EverHome, a single call can open the door to a world of options all designed to give families the care they need, when they need it, without breaking the bank.

 Don’t know where to start?  That’s ok - give us a call Saturday morning and we’ll be happy to show you the way!

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Strategic Planning Steps: Implementing Your Estate Plan

Hosts: Lou Pierro and David Staggs

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Are you beginning to implement an Estate Plan? Is it important for you to minimize or eliminate estate taxes and settlement costs? Do you want to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes? If you answered yes to these questions, then there are a number of strategic planning steps you should follow.   This week on Life Happens Radio, your hosts Lou Pierro and David Staggs will discuss five strategic estate planning steps you should consider: Goal Evaluation, Estate Inventory, Will and Trust Preparation, Family Gifts, and Charitable Giving. If you are interested in implementing an Estate Plan, then this is the show not to miss!

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Navigating the Medicaid Maze

HOSTS: Aaron Connor and Frank Hemming III


On this episode of Life Happens Radio, hosts Aaron Connor and Frank Hemming discussed how obtaining your Medicaid benefits is not a quick and simple process.  We found out that eligibility is a complex road that must be expertly navigated in order to avoid penalties or the outright rejection of your benefits. They discussed how to becoming eligible for Medicaid, requires providing the government with copious details that canvas the last five years of your life.  The hosts also examined how to avoid delays in your benefits and steer clear of the potential disasters when filing for Medicaid.

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Insure Your Love

Hosts: Bob Vandy and Brian Johnson


“In this ‘pre-Valentine’s Day’ edition of Life Happens radio, Bob Vandy and Brian Johnson shared some great tips on ‘Insuring Your Love.’  Study after study shows that we buy insurance for one main reason – because we LOVE someone.  And, having the right life, Long-Term Care or Disability insurance in place helps protect not only ourselves, but also our loved ones, from an unexpected occurrence like a premature death, disability or extended or chronic care event.  If you want up to date information on the most cost effective and efficient ways to ‘insure your love’ this podcast is for you!”


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When is it Time to Service Your Estate Plan?

Hosts: Lou Pierro and Nicole Hurley


Attorneys Lou Pierro and Nicole Hurley provide tips on the best ways to update your plan, reasons you would update and how often you would be meeting with your team.  Protecting assets, the use of trusts, Medicaid rules, avoiding probate and other substantive issues are addressed.

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Trusts: The most powerful weapons in the Estate Planning arsenal

HOSTS: Lou Pierro and Kevin Horner

On this episode of Life Happens Radio, hosts Lou Pierro and Kevin Horner discussed how trusts work, including roles of grantor, trustee, and beneficiary.  They also talk about the advantages of trusts in avoiding probate, as well as disability planning, protecting beneficiaries from divorce, creditors, and Medicaid planning.

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Medicaid Planning: Thinking INSIDE the Right Box

HOSTS: Aaron Connor and David Staggs

This concept of thinking inside the right box, as applied to Medicaid planning, refers to having the knowledge into making the right decisions.  In this episode of Life Happens Radio, your hosts Aaron Connor and David Staggs introduce the “box,” how to get in it, and why it can be important. This episode will challenge you to reconsider your approach to Medicaid planning.

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Insurance Trends in 2017

HOSTS: Bob Vandy and Brian Johnson

Bob Vandy
Brian Johnson

Tune in to this session of Life Happens Radio, as Bob Vandy and Brian Johnson discuss the things to look out for in your risk (and “consequence”) management for the coming year. What has changed – or may change - in Life, Long term Care, Disability and other insurance planning?

Brian and Bob will help you identify key areas to pay attention to, changes to consider and, perhaps most important, what will NOT change in 2017! Tune in to this informative show!

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Medicaid and Long Term Services in Your Own Home.

HOSTS: Lou Pierro, Aaron Connor and Frank Hemming

This week on Life Happens Radio, our hosts and attorneys, Lou Pierro, Aaron Connor, and Frank Hemming addressed the Who, What, Where, and How as some of the key questions on accessing and paying for Long-Term Care. These answers are vital to living as independently as possible, and receiving health care in your own home.  These discussions included topics such as preparing your home for a lifetime of living, the Medicaid ‘5-Year Look Back’, the new Medicaid, Managed Long Term Care programs, Navigating Medicaid income and asset rules in New York, Estate Planning Basics, Geriatric Care Management and Medicaid Homecare programs and services.

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New Years Eve Show: What should your goals be for the New Year?

It’s hard to believe 2016 is almost over, and with 2017 just around the corner, it’s time to make your New Year’s resolutions. For many people, the standard resolution is getting organized, and along these lines, let’s make it a year to get our estate plans in order.

Estate planning is all too often our ‘when I have time’ or ‘next year’ task. Instead, it should be one of your top goals of 2017. Whether it is creating a will, disability planning, creating a medical power of attorney or considering a living trust – these are not tasks that should be left, once again, for next year.

An estate planning attorney can help you with your estate planning New Year’s resolutions, and help to ensure your family’s needs and goals are met.

Host Lou Pierro and Robert Vandy give concrete steps to successful planning, covering strategies for getting organized to start the new year, including:

  • Start to take a thorough inventory of all of your assets
  • Begin taking a thorough inventory of all your legal documents
  • Review 2016 spending
  • Review Long Term Goals
  • Contact your financial advisor, consider new investment options
  • Wait until next year to exercise your stock options.
  • Take advantage of tax-deferred retirement plans. To reduce your taxable income this year, maximize your IRA and 401(k) contributions.
  • Harvest investment losses.
  • Pre-pay state income taxes.
  • Ramp up your charitable contributions. Distribute trust income, even if it's not required.
  • New Year’s [Insurance] Resolutions o Resolve to provide the best insurance solutions for your estate planning needs
    • Resolve to protect your loved ones against the impact of taxes and other risks
    • Resolve to review your insurance policies and other documents to make sure they don’t need updating
    • Resolve to make sure you have the right beneficiaries named on your life insurance policies
    • Resolve to ensure against life happening in the way of long-term care, or premature death.
  • Build your team in 2017… and more!
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Home for the Holidays: A Good Time to Discuss Aging Life Care & Long Term Care Planning with Your Loved Ones

Host: Lou Pierro
Guest: Katherine Rosenblatt

Description: It is the holiday season, which means families are making their travel arrangements and dinner plans for the festive occasions.  There will be much to share around these joyous occasions; one thing you may want to share and discuss during the holidays with your family is your financial standing and future health plans, especially for long term care. Although it may not always be an easy conversation to have, the holidays are a great opportunity to discuss your plans and make some important decisions while you are all together.

This week on Life Happens Radio our host, Lou Pierro and guest host Katherine Rosenblatt, will be addressing what an Aging Life Care Professional is, and how one can be effective in yours or loved ones long term planning.

Katherine Rosenblatt will offer some of her expertise and guidance when dealing with elderly care and how to approach these specific subjects.  She is the Geriatric Care Manager of Capital District Elder Care. Capital District Elder Care assess, supports and advocates for your loved one, crafting a personalized care plan based on a comprehensive assessment of essential components such as, Physical/Medical, Functional, Emotional/Cognitive/Spiritual, and Financial.

Katherine has over 20 years of Social Work service in the Capital District, and has focused her career solely on healthcare settings. Katherine is very skilled at working with clients and families at a time of changing health status, and the resulting stress this places on all.


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"Home (and Planning!) for the Holidays - What to Talk About with Family This Holiday Season"

Hosts: Bob Vandy/Brian Johnson

Description: The Holidays are a time to spend and reconnect with family, "disconnect" from work for a while, and remember why we hold those we love so dear.  Often, the Holidays also represents the best - and, for some, ONLY - time in the year that you can have a meaningful, face-to-face discussion about planning.  This is especially true when parents or other family members are aging and may need help in later years.
In this edition of Life Happens Radio, we'll talk about "having the conversation" with family members, about planning for things like Long-Term, extended or "chronic" care, including what it means...and how to pay for it.  In addition to regular co-hosts Brian Johnson and Bob Vandy, Paul Silva will be a guest host this show to talk about a little known planning device that those who CAN'T qualify for an insurance based solution case use to help offset the cost of care.  Tune in on December 10 from 11AM to Noon on Life Happens radio!

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Hosts: Lou Pierro/Aaron Connor

Description: As the holiday season fast approaches, no doubt many of us are looking forward to family gatherings, trimming trees, wrapping gifts and updating our Estate Plan…

Yes, that’s right, your estate plan needs to change as often as your life changes. If there’s a new member of your family at your table this year, or perhaps a missing member, then you might need to update your estate plan.

Perhaps you’ve never taken the time to create an estate plan at all. The idea may sound grandiose, but if you have any assets and anyone to whom you would like to give those assets, then you need an estate plan. Do you want to enter the holiday season knowing that your loss could put the loved ones around your table in an uncertain position?

Tune in to Life Happens Radio and listen as attorneys Lou Pierro and Aaron Connor discuss why the holidays are a good time to think about your estate planning and how to accomplish some of the steps on the checklist of estate planning actions.

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Special Needs: What is Future Care Planning? When Should I Start The Process?

A child with disabilities requires special care now and in the future, but because there are so many immediate needs to take care of, many parents and caregivers put off planning for the future. They say, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” and before you know it too many “tomorrows” have passed, and the future is here, and little or no planning has occurred. Now what? How are clothing expenses going to be paid? Where will you find affordable housing with supportive services for your loved one with special needs? How does one put in place a care plan that will provide a full and rewarding life, yet still provide the safety net that needs to be in place? These are all important questions that should be answered when a child is younger, rather than when they transition into adulthood or when a parent/guardian passes away.

Tune in to Life Happens Radio, November 26, as attorneys Lou Pierro and Kevin Horner discuss why Future Care Planning is so important and what options you have to ensure your loved one with special needs has a comprehensive future care plan.

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“Planning for the Unexpected; What if I or a Loved one has a Long Term Care Event?”

November is Long Term Care Insurance Awareness Month and the Life Happens Radio team has some valuable information to share. Planning for an unforeseen Long-Term or extended care event continues to be the biggest threat to our retirement portfolios and planning.  At care costs of up to $150,000 - $200,000 annually, even a fairly short term (e.g. 1-2 years) can have a significant impact on our retirement security, and that of our spouse or other loved ones.  Often, we see situations where people have failed to plan ahead of time, and are left to far fewer options, and those options often compromise the control we desire over our care decisions.  The good news is that there ARE ways to plan in advance.  In fact, there are actually MORE options available to consumers now than ever before.  But, how do we sort through them?  In this session, Brian Johnson and Bob Vandy will share some great insights to help you sort things out.  They will look at actual case studies, the pros and cons of the various solutions, and help you make the most informed decisions about what’s best for you. 

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The Evolution of Your Estate Plan

As you go through life and experience changes in your family, health, location, career etc.; your Estate Planning needs will also evolve and change throughout the different stages in your life. In this ‘Life Happens’ radio show, Aaron Connor and David Staggs discuss the various stages of life and how and when different Estate Planning, including Long Term Care, actions should be applied. It is important to manage and maintain your plan throughout the years in order to ensure the strategy you’ve selected will continue to maximize your peace of mind and protect your legacy.

12:30 pm12:30

Why isn't your estate planning done?

Hello, World!

There is an old adage that says "Failing to plan is planning to fail", and as attorneys we represent clients in Court all the time who "never got around to it". Listen as Lou and Frank teach you how to break down the barriers and get that plan in place.

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“What will happen to our son or daughter when we are gone?”

Hello, World!

Thinking about your child’s financial future is frightening enough but adding in a child’s special needs can create additional concern. 

Parents often wonder who will care for the child and how the child’s needs will be met once they are no longer around. If you have a young or adult child with special needs, you might consider setting up a special needs trust to help support that person financially after you die. Leaving money directly to a person with special needs will likely keep that person from qualifying for government benefits. Leaving money to a special needs trust, allows you to improve the quality of life for your loved one, without jeopardizing eligibility for benefits. Tune in this Saturday as our hosts discuss the basics of setting up a Special Needs Trust.

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"I'm in good health, should I really be considering Medicaid planning now?"

Hello, World!

Even if you're in good health, now would be the prime time to do your Medicaid Planning. Medicaid Planning protects your family and your assets. This Saturday you will learn why it could be important to plan ahead, especially when it comes to gifts for your children and grand-children. The Life Happens hosts will discuss ways to be prepared for the issues that arise while obtaining benefits, and why you should work closely with an experienced Elder Law Attorney to guide you through the process.

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Myths and Realities with Life Insurance

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. How’s your “Life Insurance IQ?” If you are like most people - and you’re being honest - it’s probably pretty low. In this show, we’ll help you change that. We will help you build up your life insurance knowledge so you can make informed, educated decisions about your life insurance planning. Bob Vandy and Brian Johnson will cover:
- Some of the MYTHS about life insurance (does something become true just because people keep saying it?)
- Term insurance – is it for EVERYONE? Is it cheaper to buy it online or through an agent?
- Do I need life insurance in retirement?
- The LIVING benefits of life insurance (who knew!?)
- Using life insurance to offset the Long Term Care risk
- Why Life Insurance has been popular as an “asset class”
- Listener Q&A – we’ve had some great questions posed on our website and Facebook page; we’ll get to as many of those as we can
- And more…!

So, don’t miss this informative and PRACTICAL show, where Brian and Bob will give you the ammo you need to make the best choices for you and your loved ones!

Life Happens…Are You Prepared? You will be if you listen to this program!

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Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes

Poor estate planning can cost you family, fortune and friends.  With the right advice, however, you can accomplish your goals and leave a legacy that preserves your wealth and provides individual solutions for each of your family members. In this show, hosts Kevin Horner and David Staggs discuss the 10 most common planning mistakes and their possible solutions, including planning goals, addressing 'non-estate' issues, tax planning and organization.

12:00 pm12:00

Planning for College - How to choose and pay for the right school.

Dr. Dean Skarlis founded and serves as President of The College Advisor of New York which has counseled hundreds of high school students in their quest for the best education possible. Learn the inside scoop on issues such as:
1. Do all colleges offer merit scholarships?

2. How can families reduce the cost of college?

3. What’s the highest income you can earn and still receive financial aid?

4. What are the top 3 mistakes that families make in the college admissions process?

5. What are the top 3 factors colleges consider when evaluating applicants?

6. How should parents become involved in the college admissions process? To what extent should they be involved?

12:00 pm12:00

Choosing Hope Over Fear: Preparing For Life After An Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Facing the loss of one's ability to handle basic daily decisions can be devastating, and families struggle with the void left when Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia strike. What can you do about it? Join special guest Dr. Richard Holub, Neurologist and Alzheimer's researcher, and host Lou Pierro for a thorough, open and enlightening discussion on how to be prepared when the unthinkable happens, what treatments are available, what research has shown about a possible cure and the latest drug trials. Also learn what legal steps can be taken to prepare, and what to do if it catches you by surprise.

12:00 pm12:00

Planning for Long-Term Care and Medicaid

Hear an in-depth analysis of ways you can plan to protect assets, income and your family through the Family Protection Trust, and pay for Long Term Care costs while securing your home, IRA and other assets for future generations.

12:00 pm12:00

Insurance Q&A with Brian and Bob

Many of you have asked questions – and you ask some great ones - via our Life Happens website or Facebook page, or by calling in to the show while on the air. We don’t always have time during the live shows to answer those questions. In this show, Brian Johnson and Bob Vandy will take some time to sift through and answer some of those insurance or risk management questions so many of you have asked but they haven’t had time to address on the air. They will also take live call in questions, so jot yours down today and have them ready for Saturday August 13 from 11AM to Noon. Life Happens – Are You Prepared? You will be if you listen in on August 13!

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Estate Planning 101

Whether you are preparing your first estate plan or looking at it for the first time in a while, this show is the perfect overview to help you identify your plan’s need and to help you achieve your goals.

This show covers the basics of estate planning such as Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts and other essential documents to help you create your first plan or to enhance existing plans.

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Avoiding The Courtroom

Dealing with the hardship of family disputes, a contested will, or claims of inheritance can be emotionally difficult, expensive and lead to months or even years of stress as the court determines who is rightfully entitled to the assets.

Life Happens, avoiding a deceedance courtroom will educate you in ways to avoid the costly, time consuming situations of Probate, along with the adversity of other common estate plan conflicts. This show will unveil simple steps and sound strategies that will help you avoid lengthy disputes over the distribution of an inheritance and contests over a probated will, guardianship or disability.

12:00 pm12:00

One of the Best Kept Financial Planning Secrets There Is

Tune into Life Happens Radio on July 23rd to learn about one of the best kept financial secrets. It’s a secret so good the IRS probably doesn’t want you to know about it. What if there was a tool that allowed you to:
*Accumulate money on a tax deferred basis
*Take money out on a tax free basis
*Provide an “auto completion” feature that made sure your family’s goals are met if you are not there to complete them

Would you want to know more about it?

Probably so. Tune in to Life Happens Radio on Saturday July 23rd from 11:00 AM to Noon to learn more!