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“Planning for the Unexpected; What if I or a Loved one has a Long Term Care Event?”

November is Long Term Care Insurance Awareness Month and the Life Happens Radio team has some valuable information to share. Planning for an unforeseen Long-Term or extended care event continues to be the biggest threat to our retirement portfolios and planning.  At care costs of up to $150,000 - $200,000 annually, even a fairly short term (e.g. 1-2 years) can have a significant impact on our retirement security, and that of our spouse or other loved ones.  Often, we see situations where people have failed to plan ahead of time, and are left to far fewer options, and those options often compromise the control we desire over our care decisions.  The good news is that there ARE ways to plan in advance.  In fact, there are actually MORE options available to consumers now than ever before.  But, how do we sort through them?  In this session, Brian Johnson and Bob Vandy will share some great insights to help you sort things out.  They will look at actual case studies, the pros and cons of the various solutions, and help you make the most informed decisions about what’s best for you.