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Special Needs: What is Future Care Planning? When Should I Start The Process?

A child with disabilities requires special care now and in the future, but because there are so many immediate needs to take care of, many parents and caregivers put off planning for the future. They say, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” and before you know it too many “tomorrows” have passed, and the future is here, and little or no planning has occurred. Now what? How are clothing expenses going to be paid? Where will you find affordable housing with supportive services for your loved one with special needs? How does one put in place a care plan that will provide a full and rewarding life, yet still provide the safety net that needs to be in place? These are all important questions that should be answered when a child is younger, rather than when they transition into adulthood or when a parent/guardian passes away.

Tune in to Life Happens Radio, November 26, as attorneys Lou Pierro and Kevin Horner discuss why Future Care Planning is so important and what options you have to ensure your loved one with special needs has a comprehensive future care plan.