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"Home (and Planning!) for the Holidays - What to Talk About with Family This Holiday Season"

Hosts: Bob Vandy/Brian Johnson

Description: The Holidays are a time to spend and reconnect with family, "disconnect" from work for a while, and remember why we hold those we love so dear.  Often, the Holidays also represents the best - and, for some, ONLY - time in the year that you can have a meaningful, face-to-face discussion about planning.  This is especially true when parents or other family members are aging and may need help in later years.
In this edition of Life Happens Radio, we'll talk about "having the conversation" with family members, about planning for things like Long-Term, extended or "chronic" care, including what it means...and how to pay for it.  In addition to regular co-hosts Brian Johnson and Bob Vandy, Paul Silva will be a guest host this show to talk about a little known planning device that those who CAN'T qualify for an insurance based solution case use to help offset the cost of care.  Tune in on December 10 from 11AM to Noon on Life Happens radio!