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Home for the Holidays: A Good Time to Discuss Aging Life Care & Long Term Care Planning with Your Loved Ones

Host: Lou Pierro
Guest: Katherine Rosenblatt

Description: It is the holiday season, which means families are making their travel arrangements and dinner plans for the festive occasions.  There will be much to share around these joyous occasions; one thing you may want to share and discuss during the holidays with your family is your financial standing and future health plans, especially for long term care. Although it may not always be an easy conversation to have, the holidays are a great opportunity to discuss your plans and make some important decisions while you are all together.

This week on Life Happens Radio our host, Lou Pierro and guest host Katherine Rosenblatt, will be addressing what an Aging Life Care Professional is, and how one can be effective in yours or loved ones long term planning.

Katherine Rosenblatt will offer some of her expertise and guidance when dealing with elderly care and how to approach these specific subjects.  She is the Geriatric Care Manager of Capital District Elder Care. Capital District Elder Care assess, supports and advocates for your loved one, crafting a personalized care plan based on a comprehensive assessment of essential components such as, Physical/Medical, Functional, Emotional/Cognitive/Spiritual, and Financial.

Katherine has over 20 years of Social Work service in the Capital District, and has focused her career solely on healthcare settings. Katherine is very skilled at working with clients and families at a time of changing health status, and the resulting stress this places on all.