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Hosts: Lou Pierro/Aaron Connor

Description: As the holiday season fast approaches, no doubt many of us are looking forward to family gatherings, trimming trees, wrapping gifts and updating our Estate Plan…

Yes, that’s right, your estate plan needs to change as often as your life changes. If there’s a new member of your family at your table this year, or perhaps a missing member, then you might need to update your estate plan.

Perhaps you’ve never taken the time to create an estate plan at all. The idea may sound grandiose, but if you have any assets and anyone to whom you would like to give those assets, then you need an estate plan. Do you want to enter the holiday season knowing that your loss could put the loved ones around your table in an uncertain position?

Tune in to Life Happens Radio and listen as attorneys Lou Pierro and Aaron Connor discuss why the holidays are a good time to think about your estate planning and how to accomplish some of the steps on the checklist of estate planning actions.