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Mastering Medicaid

When Medicaid becomes a concern, life will become more challenging.  Obtaining Medicaid benefits is a part of that challenge, because eligibility is a lengthy and complicated process.  To become eligible for Medicaid, you will need to provide the government with copious amount of information, from which minor details can make monumental differences.  To pursue Medicaid you will be required to present every detail of your finances from the last five years of your life.  This Saturday you can learn ways to avoid the pitfalls of filing for Medicaid on your own.  This show will educate you in how to be prepared for the issues that arise while obtaining benefits, and how an Elder Law Attorney is necessary to guide you through the process.  This Saturday find out how an Elder Law Attorney can create a plan for you that will simplify the Medicaid process and minimize frustrations in receiving your Medicaid benefits.