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Essential Estate Planning

Have you had your estate plan organized for years, or are you just beginning to consider your options?  Whether your plan is in place, or your estate planning has just begun, Essential Estate Planning on Saturday May 14th is a must hear show.  Hosts Lou Pierro, Esq. and Kevin Horner, Esq. will explore the opportunities and the advantages that are created when an estate plan is custom tailored to your unique situation.  Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies, and Disposition of Remains Agreements can enable you to achieve your specific estate planning goals.  This show will explore an array of details from the basic creation and revisions of a will, benefits of trust planning, planning for incapacity as well as creative elements and aspects that you may not have considered, such as the value of creating an LLC for vacation homes.  Tune in on Saturday May 14th to discover new techniques and innovative ideas to make sure that your estate plan is personalized to your needs and goals.