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Estate Planning- Are your Affairs in Order?

Life can take unexpected twists and turns, with just the latest example being the death of Prince, who inexplicably died with no will and no plan. One moment you can see the road ahead, and then in a blink of an eye the unexpected can change your entire future. "Estate Planning- Are Your Affairs in Order" addresses real-life examples proving just how quickly a person's future can change when unforeseen changes in health and circumstance take hold of their life.  This show will explore the two ways that you can move forward when the unthought-of becomes reality.  The first road, travels into uncharted territory: everything you stand to lose, and the disorder that can ensue if your affairs are left undetermined, Or the second road is traveled with a well-defined road map: showing you what you stand to gain, and how you can protect both your assets and your family when you have a well-organized estate plan in place...   "Estate Planning- Are Your Affairs in Order" will give you a clear vision to plan your future.

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