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Medicaid & You: The Details, Potential Delays & Decisions In Your Application

Obtaining your Medicaid benefits is not a quick and simple process. Eligibility is a complex road that must be navigated by expertise in order to avoid penalties, or the outright rejection of your benefits. To become eligible for Medicaid you will be required to provide the government with copious details that canvas the last five years of your life. If you are considering Medicaid, this will be an eye opening show for you.

You will learn how to avoid delays in your benefits, and how to steer clear of the potential disasters when filing for Medicaid on your own. This show will prepare you for challenges, and illustrate you how you can overcome obstacles in the application process, and educate you in the differences between Medicaid and Medicare. Listen now to find out how an Elder Law Attorney can help you simplify your Medicaid application process, minimize your frustrations and maximize your Medicaid benefits.