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Myths and Realities with Life Insurance

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. How’s your “Life Insurance IQ?” If you are like most people - and you’re being honest - it’s probably pretty low. In this show, we’ll help you change that. We will help you build up your life insurance knowledge so you can make informed, educated decisions about your life insurance planning. Bob Vandy and Brian Johnson will cover:
- Some of the MYTHS about life insurance (does something become true just because people keep saying it?)
- Term insurance – is it for EVERYONE? Is it cheaper to buy it online or through an agent?
- Do I need life insurance in retirement?
- The LIVING benefits of life insurance (who knew!?)
- Using life insurance to offset the Long Term Care risk
- Why Life Insurance has been popular as an “asset class”
- Listener Q&A – we’ve had some great questions posed on our website and Facebook page; we’ll get to as many of those as we can
- And more…!

So, don’t miss this informative and PRACTICAL show, where Brian and Bob will give you the ammo you need to make the best choices for you and your loved ones!

Life Happens…Are You Prepared? You will be if you listen to this program!