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Medicaid Crisis Planning: There's Still Time

If you've lost sleep over how to pay for your family member's care needs - at home, an assisted living or nursing home - we understand. Most people can't afford to pay privately for long-term care and may believe they need to become impoverished in order to become eligible for government assistance to cover the bills.

Fortunately, we offer some solutions that could ease those concerns.

On the July 15th edition of Life Happens Radio, attorneys Aaron Connor and Frank Hemming laid out strategies for crisis planning using Medicaid. With a customized legal plan, your loved one won’t have to spend down his or her life savings, even if help is needed right away.

With options that include gifting, promissory notes, asset protection trusts and pooled trusts, you can qualify for Medicaid quickly and potentially preserve a portion of that nest egg.

Take a listen to the July 15 podcast when Aaron and Frank shared valuable advice, real-life stories and took questions from callers.