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Stay "Independent" in your Home and Finances

As we celebrate our Nation's independence over the 4th of July holiday weekend, it's also an opportune time to consider how to attain your personal independence. Have you taken solid steps to plan for your financial security? Will you be able to afford spending the Golden Years of retirement at home with quality healthcare? 

On the July 1st edition of Life Happens Radio, we presented a multi-faceted path to financial freedom through estate and long-term care planning. Attorneys Lou Pierro and David Staggs of Pierro, Connor & Associates, and Bob Vandy of New York Long-Term Care Brokers, shared state-of-the-art strategies, tools and techniques. They also talked about navigating family conflicts when 'fireworks' erupt over long-term planning. 

Check out the July 1 edition of Life Happens Radio for a combination of patriotism and planning -- that will set you on the path to Independence.