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"November is Long Term Care Insurance Awareness Month"

November means at least two things: Thanksgiving…and LTCI Awareness Month! Thanksgiving is a time when families gather. Because of busy schedules, geographically spread out family situations, and other challenges, those gatherings often become the only times during the year where families can have meaningful conversations about the impact of loved ones’ LTC or Extended/Chronic Care needs. For those who have experienced an Extended care event, we know how important it is to plan in advance.

Listen to this LHR podcast to hear Bob Vandy and Brian Johnson share the latest planning tips on how to finance the costs of an Extended care event, which can be substantial. Having a plan in place is VITALLY important, and the vehicles available to us have changed. Brian and Bob will bring you the latest, so you can “be prepared…” for such an event, and help your family maintain control over the issues we face as much as possible.