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Planning to Age Well:‘tis the Season to Start a Dialog

The holiday season is upon us, which means families are making their travel arrangements and dinner plans for festive occasions. On this Life Happens Radio podcast, hosts Lou Pierro and Aaron Connor have a suggestion for the menu: make time to share and discuss the “what ifs” you face as a family, such as future health needs (especially for long-term care), income and asset protection and living arrangements as we age. Although it is not an easy conversation to have, the holidays provide a great opportunity to open the dialog and make important decisions while you are all together.

Aaron and Lou share specific tips on getting the dialogue started, and pointers for handing crucial conversations that may include:

  • Existence of updated estate planning documents like Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy and Trusts

  • How to deal with a chronic illness

  • Medicaid eligibility and asset protection

  • Potential future care needs and a care management plan

Aaron and Lou use real life cases (where only the names are changed) to reinforce the importance of planning early for your loved ones, and how the holidays are the perfect time to get started.