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"Medicaid Planning: Making It Work"

Aaron Connor and Frank Hemming
March 17, 2018 @ 11a.m.
"Medicaid Planning: Making It Work"

Qualifying for Medicaid is no easy task, given the stacks of required forms, all the red tape and the varying Federal and State rules – not to mention the stress! Each family’s case is unique and needs personalized expertise to get it done right. 
This week on Life Happens Radio, Managing Partner Aaron Connor and Medicaid attorney Frank Hemming will discuss real-life stories that highlight some of the ways we’ve succeeded in helping our clients qualify for Medicaid while protecting assets.

Two examples you’ll hear about:
•    - Recently, a client was surprised to hear that although her parents have been legally separated for over a decade, in the eyes of the government, their assets are still considered joint. Find out how Frank and Aaron are working to get our client eligible, without having to go through a divorce solely for Medicaid purposes.   
•    -A client sought our help after assuming he’d have to spend-down almost half of his assets to qualify for Medicaid. On our radio show, you’ll hear about the critical question Frank asked that turned around the entire case, allowing our client to obtain the Federal benefits while keeping his life savings. 

If you are planning ahead to be ready for Medicaid, or know someone who is in immediate need, you won’t want to miss this week’s show.