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"LTC Planning Without Boundaries: Helping Families Who Live Close...or Far Away"

It can be can stressful to help an aging parent apply for Medicaid benefits and protect assets. But on top of that, what if your siblings live out of state- and the family is trying to coordinate legal plans from across the country? Double the stress!

On Saturday, you’ll hear real life stores of how we take those challenges in stride — keeping extended families informed and connected - wherever they live - while building an air-tight legal and care management plan.

Attorneys Lou Pierro and Frank Hemming will share real life examples of how they helped ease the burden on clients having to plan for the future of a loved one who does not live nearby.

  1. A local daughter was unhappy with the care options for her mother, who lived over two hours away. The attorneys worked with the family every step of the way, to get her mom moved closer and into a facility everyone was happy with.
  2. They helped an out-of-state client apply for Medicaid, and get placed in a local care facility closer to her family- all within only two months!