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"Is a Trust Right for You? Learn the ABC’s of Trust Planning"

In the world of estate planning, trusts are the most powerful weapon in the arsenal, providing asset protection, tax reduction, probate avoidance and more. But how do you know if creating a trust will help you achieve your goals? And which kind of trust is the best fit?

On this podcast, attorneys Lou Pierro and Nicole Hurley explain the A, B, C’s of Trusts, including:

*The definition of this legal entity and what assets go in it
* The pros and cons of different trusts, including testamentary and living trusts
* Advantages of revocable and irrevocable trusts at different stages of your life
* How a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust can help finance long-term care costs
* Tax planning benefits of trusts

Lou and Nicole describe real-life client cases to illustrate the best use of trust planning.

They also discuss our "The A,B,C's of Trusts" guide, which you can access here