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"Planning for Income Replacement if You Are Injured or Too Sick & Can't Work"

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month.  Have you considered what might happen if you got sick or hurt and couldn’t work for an extended period of time?  How long could you play your bills with what you have saved?  What impact would that have on your overall finances?  On your loved ones?

Many of us put off planning for Income Replacement because we don’t want to think about something so unpleasant.  However, as we know, “Life Happens” and we need to plan for the unexpected, and that includes an injury or illness that hampers our ability to bring home a paycheck.

The good news is that there are reasonably priced insurance policies available to help.  Join Bob Vandy and Brian Johnson Saturday May 19, as they share some valuable information on misconceptions about disability, what you need to know about potential resources, and how you can best plan!