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"Plan for the Unexpected"

On LHR, we often stress the importance of planning for the unexpected, and the crisis that can emerge if you don’t. Estate planning can get your affairs in order, save you & your family time and money – and prepare you for the day when crisis hits. Singer/songwriter Prince famously died without a will. The second anniversary of his death just passed at the end of April, and his estate still hasn’t been distributed at all. This is a result of not planning for the unexpected.

On this podcast, attorneys Nicole Hurley and Frank Hemming share real life stories of estate planning do’s and don’ts, and discuss how it can eliminate stress for loved ones and ensure your assets pass to those you want after death. For instance, to:

  1. Avoid probate! With the right plan, you can save your family from the costly and timely court process to establish the validity of your will.
  2. Protect blended families. If you are divorced, or have children from previous marriages, planning can make sure that there is no confusion about where assets go upon your death.
  3. Protect someone’s future. If your child has special needs or a disability, you can plan to have them financially supported throughout their life by planning