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"Legal Mistakes of the Rich and Famous"

Lou Pierro, Peter Strauss and Rebecca Cerny
July 21, 2018
"Legal Mistakes of the Rich and Famous"

Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger. All were wildly successful celebrities on the stage and screen. But when it came to financial and estate planning, they made the kind of mistakes we can all learn from.

On this edition of Life Happens Radio we discuss how to avoid legal missteps made by prominent people, drawing from an excellent article in the American Bar Association’s journal, Probate & Property.

Listen to the podcast to find out about ‘Misfires of the Rich and Famous’ including:

  • Overly simplistic or ‘homemade’ wills
  • Legal complications with after-born children and domicile situations
  • Second families and decanting
  • Broken ‘oral’ promises

In all of these cases, problems could have been avoided by a simple legal update or revision. This is why it’s paramount that estate planning is done before: Life Happens.