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“Medicaid 101: Get the Facts"

Obtaining your Medicaid benefits is not a quick and simple process. Eligibility is a complex road that must be navigated by expertise in order to avoid penalties, or the outright rejection of your benefits. To become eligible for Medicaid you will be required to provide the government with copious details that canvas the last five years of your life. If you are considering Medicaid, this will be an eye-opening show for you.

On this podcast, attorneys Aaron Connor and Frank Hemming of Pierro, Connor & Strauss share real client stories to show the challenges many people face when applying, and how using an experienced Elder Law attorney can help save you time, stress and money. People are often surprised that they don’t need to spend every cent of their hard-earned money to receive Medicaid benefits. You will also learn tips on avoiding delays in benefits, and simplifying the process overall.