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“The Hardest Job You Were Never Trained For"

Caring for an aging parent or loved one is the hardest job that you were never trained for. The needs of chronically ill patients who wish to live their lives at home present unique and boundless challenges, which are compounded by a fragmented system of care that places inordinate demands on a caregiver's time, resources and relationships. 

On the Labor Day podcast of Life Happens Radio, attorney Lou Pierro and Life Care Coordinator Susan Vail discuss the caregiver's 'labor of love,' and present solutions to these challenges.

They give you pointers on:

Assessing your loved one's health care, personal, financial and safety needs and risks, with an in-home assessment, development of a personalized care plan and determination of Medicaid eligibility

Implementing a comprehensive care management plan at home, including Medicaid qualification, selection of appropriate resources, caregiver hiring and training on eCaring technology

Monitoring your loved one's daily activities with real time health and financial data, information-sharing among family members, caregiver and providers, and ongoing advocacy to meet a loved one's changing needs