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“[Insurance] Resolutions for the New year – 2019 Edition”

Did you make some resolutions for 2019? How is it going so far? Have any fallen by the wayside yet? We hope not! Did you make any INSURANCE resolutions? Probably not.

On the January 12 show, Bob Vandy and Brian Johnson layed out some INSURANCE resolutions for the New Year. We often make resolutions based on desires for better health, financial situation improvement, travel, etc. More than likely, we haven’t made any resolutions to make sure our insurance house is in order for the coming year. Ironically, having the right insurance plans in place can help our “sleep at night” factor (better for our health), make the best use of our insurance dollars (improving our financial situations) and more.

Listen to this Life Happens Radio podcast so you’ll “be prepared” with insurance resolutions for the New Year.

Later Event: January 19
“Double Down on Your Planning"