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Coping with Care Crises: A New Year's Guide

Chances are you didn't expect to usher 2019 in with a string of unanticipated doctor's appointments and hospital visits. But it's inevitable when a family member's health worsens over the holidays. These crises can also lead to quickly scheduled meetings to discuss the financial and legal ramifications when your loved one needs immediate or long-term care.

On this LHR podcast, attorneys Aaron Connor and Frank Hemming share real life stories of holiday care crises, and how estate and trust planning plays a critical role. At Pierro, Connor & Strauss, we frequently get calls between Thanksgiving and early January from clients who have gathered for holiday celebrations - only to find an imminent health care need for aging parents. Aaron and Frank discuss strategies to:

  • Ensure estate documents are drawn up correctly, so that funds can be transferred if necessary, and your family member's wishes will be carried out

  • Update health care proxy and the MOLST form which governs life-sustaining treatment

  • Protect assets that could otherwise be spent down for medical costs

  • Become Medicaid-eligible as quickly as possible

  • Manage immediate care needs affordably