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“Anatomy of a Medicaid Application: How it Really Works"

A few years ago, the process for becoming Medicaid eligible was the hardest part. You got all your documents in order, sent them to the County and the County would decide whether to approve the application.

Now, because of rule changes about attaining care for the applicant, it's very different. You have more offices to deal with: the County, an insurance company and New York State. Timelines are also strictly followed.

How do you figure it all out? How can an elder law attorney help?

On this podcast, Attorneys Lou Pierro and Frank Hemming explain the anatomy of a Medicaid application on Life Happens Radio. They also share real-life client stories and talk about the advantages of Trust planning for Medicaid.

Whether you're the adult child of an aging parent or a retiree who is planning for long-term care, don't miss this LHR podcast!