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Life Happens Radio | Long Term Care Planning Workshop-Rescheduled


Rescheduled to

Schuyler Meadows Club

17 Schuyler Meadows Club Rd

Loudonville, NY 12211

Presented by: Louis Pierro, Esq. (Pierro, Connor & Associates), Bob Vandy (New York Long Term Care Brokers) and Brian Johnson (New York Long Term Care Brokers)

Attend this workshop and learn what you need to know about Long Term Care Planning (LTC) under the incoming Trump administration and Republican-controlled Congress.

“LTC – Insurance Planning under ‘The New Normal’ of a New ‘Not So Normal’ President and Administration”

A new president typically means major shakeups in fiscal and tax policy, and Trump’s tax plan is no exception. This workshop will examine the proposed changes that will potentially be rolling out during the new administration and how these changes will impact Long Term Care Planning.

For those who may have been WAITING for…HOPING for…and most important PLANNING for more involvement and help from the government when it comes to your Long Term Care (or other) planning, you may want to take a step back. Initial indications point to anything BUT more help from the government. In this workshop, we’ll explore topics such as:

  • The waning support of government in our LTC planning
  • The impact that – if enacted – “block grants” may have in LTC planning
  • The options for planning privately for care to ensure you are prepared regardless of what the government does – or does NOT – do
  • Important recent changes to insurance products making them more attractive and efficient than ever in LTC planning
  • Tax advantages for the purchase of certain types of LTC Insurance policies
  • The potential role of the “New York State Partnership for Long Term Care” in your planning
  • How to integrate LTC planning into the larger scope of your legacy and estate planning, and innovative new products and approaches to make the most of that planning