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Live Long & Prosper

10 Legal and Financial Keys to Successful Aging

Desmond Hotel and Conference Center, 660 Albany Shaker Road, Albany, NY 12211

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You can’t expect to ‘live long and prosper’ without a solid, smart plan for your legal and financial future. Otherwise, when crisis hits, you’ll be in danger of losing everything you’ve worked for. That’s why you need to discover the top ten tips needed to bulletproof your plan in these turbulent political times. On Thursday, September 21st the WGY Life Happens Radio team is holding a free dinner presentation at the Desmond Hotel to reveal the latest legal, financial and insurance strategies. Meet the on-air experts --- attorneys at Pierro, Connor & Associates and the Insurance pros at New York Long Term Care Brokers – in person – at the Desmond Hotel. September 21 starting at 5:30 PM, for an exclusive WGY dinner presentation. Space is limited so register today.

Plan Ahead…so you can Live Long and Prosper!